The production of houses and elements from CLT allows realizing the most daring architectural ideas of customers. A plant located in the Baltic States, with an area of 5000 m2, with a production capacity of 20,000 m3 CLT per year, allows us to produce up to 200 prefabricated and modular houses per year.

Construction technology using CLT panels

CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) panel production is a modern computer-controlled timber machining process.

Dried coniferous boards are pre-sorted and cut into sheets of 2.95 mx 10.50 m. Then they are glued together under high pressure using polyurethane adhesive. This adhesive is able to achieve high adhesion without the risk of toxic emissions at any stage of the product life cycle. Depending on the need, the resulting panels consist of 3-5 layers of the board. The thickness of the panels of our production can reach up to 35 cm, length – 10.5 meters, width – 2.95 meters.

Production of wooden panels.
Industrial production of house elements ensures maximum compression of the layers and precise panel geometry.
The frame is a key element in the construction of a building, predetermining its durability and strength. Structural parts of the house are made of fully processed, dried to a moisture content of 15% ± 3%, planed wood, strength classes C18, C24.
Our CLT panels comply with European quality standards. The whole process is certified. Only certified raw materials are used from reliable suppliers. Our product is CE marked.

Modular Manufacturing

Modular production using CLT-panels or panels from insulated timber is a process of manufacturing the contour of a building – floor, wall, roof panels. Electrical wiring and plumbing are inserted into the module both at the production stage and after completion of construction. After that, the outer walls are insulated, protected from the wind and covered with decorative finishing. CLT modular homes are made from prefabricated CLT panels or elements.


Advantages of manufacturing prefabricated houses from CLT panels:

  1. Factory production.
  2. CLT technology is several times stronger than concrete, and the weight of the panels is much lighter.
  3. Cross-gluing the layers of the CLT-panel provides high dimensional stability in case of changing humidity.
  4. CLT panels do not shrink; withstand enormous loads, keeping the size and shape unchanged.
  5. High bearing capacity allows the construction of multi-story buildings.
  6. Buildings made of CLT panels are characterized by high seismic stability and sound insulation.
  7. CLT panels are environmentally friendly for humans and the environment.
  8. A house from CLT panels is very fast assembled, in a few days.
Price: 650€ per m3 without VAT.