Brand new technology of platform-construction with appropriate infrastructure. Our mission is to make innovative sustainaЫe homes, offices and other buildings affordaЫe to many people. We achieve it through high-quality building technology and fast construction at а fair price.

Our technology is based оп the methodology used in automotive industry, where building consists of standardized et of parts with their unique serial numbers. Platform-construction technlolgy allows to build houses of any form and height.
Our construction sites going to look like factories where the platforms are produced and after that, using the platforms new houses will built.
With platform construction, the need for complex design and integration of all types of engineering networks is eliminated.

Our great experience in tean manufacturing gave us по other opportunity to approach this from а research point of view. And we reatised that such the same problem occurred in earty 20th century in automotive industry. At that time, the assembly of the car was not standardized and the car itsetf and its cost varied greatty, the quatity was not repeated from car to car…
The sotution to this problem came to Henry Ford’s mind and he
he divided the operations, standardized them and arranged them in propper sequence. This is how the conveyor appeared. This hetped speed up the manufacturing process, make repeatable quatity, and significantty reduce the cost of the vehicte.
Now we are essentiatty doing the same in the construction industry.
The construction process is organized in such а way that а mobite ptant is brought to the construction site, where standardized ptatforms are assembled from materiats, which, teaving the conveyor, are assembled into а singte whote buitding.
The ptatform nature atso attows to practicatty etiminate tosses, significantty simptify design, maintenance, modernization and improvement.

Modular construction is а two-part construction process with significant logistics leverage. 1n modular it all starts from the factory where modules are produced, they сап not Ье customised since this factories’ facilities are focused оп mass production of the same type platforms. The production of the future house takes place entirely in а mini-factory оп а construction site in platform construction.

Attempts to create platform construction were made throughout the 20th century.
The result of this was the emergence of panel construction, which at one time made an incrediЫe breakthrough in the industry. However, only in the last 10-15 years, the development of CAD systems has significantly increased the design accuracy, which allows us to take а new step – from panel to platform construction.