​The advantage of houses built from KELO pine is the environmental friendliness and strength of the stone. The cold climate of Karelia is a natural environment in which the formation of a unique natural building material occurs – deadwood pine. Translated from Finnish KELO means – dry pine.

These trees grow very slowly and, after
drying, stand still for another 30-50 years. During
this time, the bark falls from the tree, the trunk
hardens, acquiring a beautiful silver shade.
Dry pine does not need chemical treatment
during construction.

Due to drying out on the
roots, KELO wood is no longer susceptible to
environmental influences, mold, rot, pests.
Houses made of Karelian pine do not shrink, rot,

Designing log houses from Karelian deadwood pine KELO.

We can design for you a building of any design and purpose from the dry KELO pine: house, bathhouse, tourist site.

Building the log houses from Karelian deadwood pine KELO.

The houses are built from pre-prepared material at the production site in Karelia. After preliminary assembly, the finished house kit is marked, disassembled, transported to the installation site and assembled into the finished product. All production specialists and installers are professional woodcutters.

We offer house kit from Karelian dry pine KELO.

Prices per 1 m3: