Cuby House implements a technological ecosystem based on a modular” offsite/onsite “platform that allows you to build much smarter, faster, cheaper and “greener”, while meeting the highest quality standards


USEFUL AREA:378,1 m²
DIMENSIONS (HxWxL):14,57×14,36×10,86 m

What is included in the package of the house?


Screw piles D133 mm. Grillage: I-beam 20B1 200x100x5. 5, channel 20P 200x76x5.2. Fence: sandwich panel (metal 0.5 mm gray graphite RAL 7024+ PIR 100 mm + metal 0.5 white RAL 9006).


1. Columns Pipe 273x8 mm. Internal insulation: 100 mm expanded polystyrene foam. Drain pipe: see engineering. 2. Overlap Coverage: OSB 20 mm Bearing surface: sandwich panel (matall 1.5 mm + OSB moisture-proof 20 mm + metal 1.5 mm). Ceiling frame: I-beam 30B1. Sound insulation: 50 mm acoustic mineral wool. Internal insulation of the frame: 1 mm vapor barrier film. Rough ceiling and fire protection: 12.5 mm fireproof drywall sheet. Embedded communications: see engineering. 3. Diagonals: Pipe 140x140x5 mm.

External walls (from the street to the house) class A:

Magnetic panels with HPL or other finishing material (panels may be missing). Sandwich panel: metal 0.5 mm grey graphite RAL 7024+ PIR 150 mm + metal 0.5 white RAL 9006. Joint stitching: 0.8 mm galvanized sheet grey graphite RAL 7024. Interior decoration: magnetic wallpaper with printed pattern or pasted finishing material (finishing may not be available). A decorative parapet made of aluminum composite of different colors can be installed between the floors.

Roof (from the street to the house) class A:

Parapet: 0.8 mm galvanized sheet, painted grey graphite RAL7024. Roof covering protection: shingle (or gravel) fraction 3..20 mm Roof covering: 2.5 mm PVC membrane. Protection of the roof covering from the inside: non-woven geotextile fabric. Insulation: expanded polystyrene foam 200 mm. Coverage: DSP 15 mm. Roof base: floor covering module (see frame). The Roof Is Habitable. The floor load of 750 kg per meter allows you to place a swimming pool, an operational coating decking WPC Outdoor 150*25*4000 mm .

False facade at the back of the house:

Translucent panels: Ferrari mesh, aluminum profile frames, galvanized adjustment studs. Frame: 40x40x2 mm steel pipe. Stairs to the roof: steel pipe 40x40x2 mm,steel pipe 15x15x1. 5 mm. Flooring: galvanized euro-grid

Windows and entrance doors Class A:

Aluminum frame profile ALTF50 125 mm with double sealing contour. Triple-layer double-glazed windows 10×16×6×16×8. Factory paint, color gray graphite. Doors profile ALTW72, triple-layer double-glazed windows 8×16×6×16×6. The doors have reinforced hinges, mortise lock.


Base: screw piles D133 mm. Frame: 40x40x2 mm steel pipe. Columns: 273x5 mm pipe. Floor and steps: WPC Outdoor decking 150*25*4000 mm corduroy/polished black. Side stitching: sheet, galvanized 0.8 mm RAL7024, insulation XPS 30 mm. Porch roof stitching: sandwich panel (metal 0.5 mm gray graphite RAL 7024+ PIR 50 mm + metal 0.5 white RAL 9006). Porch roof ceiling: 4 mm HPL sheet. Parapet: sheet, galvanized 0.8 mm, painted gray graphite RAL7024.

Interior walls:

Sandwich panel (metal 0.5 mm gray graphite RAL 7024+ PIR 50 mm + metal 0.5 white RAL 9006) with noise insulation. Option 2. Frame: galvanized profile PS 50x50 and PN 50x40. Insulation: mineral wool 50 mm. Covering: drywall sheet 12, 5x1200x3000 KNAUF 2 layers. Finish: acrylic paint.


In residential areas: laminate (32nd class of abrasion resistance), laminate substrate 3 mm. Near the entrance doors: 10 mm porcelain stoneware, underfloor heating. In the bathrooms on the floor laid: ceramic tiles 5.6 mm, underfloor heating.


Heating: air-conditioned or gas boiler (optional). Water supply: polypropylene or cross-linked polyethylene D20 mm, hidden wiring in the walls. Electric water heater for 80 liters (optional). Sewerage: 50/110 mm PVC pipes. Drain from the roof: technical polyethylene pipe d90x5. 1

Ventilation system:

Ventilation of the pipe: forced from the bathroom area and from the kitchen. Ventilation in the rooms is forced. Ventilation duct with a diameter of 100 mm. Air heating: duct water heater NKV 160-2. Filtration: filter channel cassette FKK-160. A fan riser is displayed on the roof.


The electrical wiring is hidden (in the frame). The cable laying in the walls is made in corrugation. Electrical wiring is made by VVGng cable: - for lighting 3×1.5 mm; - for 3×2.5 mm sockets; – for electric heating 3×4 mm; - for a 3×4 mm hob and oven. The input machine is a three-pole 25A\45A of category B. Lighting-automatic machines 10A, for household outlets-16A, for the stove, socket groups and in wet areas-differential automatic machines.


Sink Faucet: Grohe, chrome. Bathroom sink: Cersanit/Villeroy&Boch Avento 60×47 washbasin complete with floor stand. Toilet bowl: Cersanit Carina/Villeroy&Bosh O. novo. Shower faucet: Grohe, chrome, complete with Grohe shower head. Shower room: - bathroom 1750×1750 mm; or -glazed shower cabin. Water heater: storage 80L. Kitchen equipment: ready-made communications-water supply terminals; sewerage for the sink and dishwasher; output of an electric cable for connecting the hob and oven; sockets for the refrigerator and other household appliances.

Built-in furniture (optional):

Device: frame furniture with the ability to adjust the position of the shelves. Frame: made of metal pipe, mounted to the ceiling, on the floor stands on screw legs. Covering: laminated chipboard. Accessories: Muller, Blum.